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Precinct 6:  Spur Lake

1.  Reserve
2.  Middle Frisco
3.  Lower Frisco
4.  Aragon
5.  Luna
6.  Spur Lake
7.  Horse Springs (Bursum)
8.  Greens Gap
9.  Datil
10.  Apache National Forest - Quemado
11.  Trinchera
12.  Salt Lake
13.  Mangas
14.  Indian Peak
15.  Mogollon
16.  Alma
17.  Glenwood
18.  Trechado
19.  Cow Springs
20.  Alegre

1930 United States Census, Catron County, New Mexico
Information given in the 1930 census:
Number of family in order of visitation, Name, Relationship to head of household, Whether home owned or rented, Whether own a radio, Does this family live on a farm, Race (all white in this precinct),  Age, Marital status, Age at first marriage, Attending school, Whether able to read and write, Birth place - Father's birthplace - Mother's birthplace, Year of immigration to the U.S., Whether able to speak English, Occupation - Industry, Whether actually working or unemployed, Whether veteran - of which war

Precinct 6 - Spur Lake

1.  Martha E. Hiser, Own, Farm, 60, widowed, 18, MO-TN-TN
Bryan Hiser, son, 24, single, OK-MO-MO, Laborer - Odd jobs
Ruth Hiser, daughter, 22, single, CO-MO-MO
Minnie Hiser, daughter, 19, single, OK-MO-MO
Edna Hiser, daughter, 15, single, OK-MO-MO

2.  James A. Bruce, Own, Farm, 65, married, 20, NC-SC-US, Blacksmith - Shop
Narces J. Bruce, wife, 60, marrried, 15, NC-US-US
Vance Bruce, son, 18, single, OK-NC-NC

3.  Hubert D. Wilbanks, Own, Farm, 26, married, 25, TX-SC-AR, Laborer - Forest service
Velma L. Wilbanks, wife, 21, married, 20, AR-OK-NC